Two Finnish producers (Timothy Alvarez and Roinio) who collided in to Deepish collaboration in January 2017. Their passion for the music that they produce is molded from many genres that these guys love. Its not about the specific genre of music for them. So you can expect all kind of genre releases from Deepish, as long as it sounds good and gives the listener that opportunity to let go from their daily problems and soar in to the musical sensation.


upcoming releases april&may


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In to the woods (preview)


Check this (preview)


Doppler (preview)

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Whats happening on our mixcloud  account

see it for your self.

Here is a few mixes that we made from the past and in present. So kick back, enjoy and take a listen.

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Here is what we have published on spotify:

Check out these tracks, add to your collection or playlist, go and follow us in spotify. 

We have also our own collection "Deepish pick of the month", ready to go playlist for you to follow. That is kind of our "state of mind" at that month.

Newest "pick of the month" playlist:

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Of course we habitate the most famous music uploading netsite of all time... 

Here we post our latest tracks and some of   "not finished" versions of our productions.

Very first release under "Deepis" was : 

"A las 5 de la trade" track that got us some recognition outside of our homeland Finland. But this weren't actually the first what we made...

...Yes there was "Mirror", before all this got started. This was made in our studio just for fun, but after we listen to it we thought: "what the hell, lets do this" and published it under our individual names as a collaboration (Timothy Alvarez & Roinio). 

After sitting long hours in EggHeadStudio, making some good music, we thought "lets figure out a Fuc**ng good name and publish our tunes with that". 

...So became "Deepish" as you know it... or maybe not yet, but will know it as we kick our good music out there.

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