We as a record label


Finally we got the courage signing up as a record label. This has been our goal from the beginning of our journey back in 2010. At now we start small and handle our own producers at this time, but we are aiming big as we go. Here is what we have to offer for our listeners:






Here is our newest releases that our artist have cooked for the world.


Release date: 23.3.2018

Artist: Deepish

Song title: Check this

Genre: Drum & Bass

ISRC: CH6541809564

Barcode: 4061798001507



Release date: 23.3.2018

Artist: Deepish

Song title: Doppler

Genre: Deep House

ISRC: CH6541809563

Barcode: 4061798001491



Release date: 23.03.2018

Artist: Deepish

Song title: In to the woods

Genre: Techno

ISRC: CH6541809575

Barcode: 4061798001538




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What are your intensions at this page?

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Mixes from events and other so you could "jiggy with it"


Club Afterlife blackout 

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